BIJA Yoga aims to be an inclusive safe space for all practitioners of yoga. We offer OPEN LEVEL, RESTORATIVE, YIN, VINYASA, TRAUMA-INFORMED and BEGINNER LEVEL classes, as well as having our own in-house Yoga Therapist. We also run a series of 5 week courses throughout the year.


OPEN classes feature both vinyasa (flowing style) and some held asana including inversions, as well as deep relaxation. OPEN to all levels of experience, all though beginners may find these classes challenging at first.


RESTORATIVE Yoga focuses on slowing down the mind and breath. Classes may begin with a few minutes of more gentle flow, include held and supported (with props) asana and end with extended lead relaxation and meditation. 


A deeply therapeutic practice that combines traditional practices from India and China. Fascia (connective tissue) is strengthened and nourished by regulating energetic flow through the meridians (energy pathways). 


Appropriate for anyone brand new to yoga as well as those needing a ‘primer’. You will learn the foundational asana (poses) and concepts taught in OPEN classes but at a much slower pace and with time to ask questions. Introduction to conscious breath practices, meditation and deep relaxation are included.

The above classes are ALL included as part of BIJA Yoga Membership. You can book a drop-in class directly now.


YOGA THERAPY is offered in one-on-one private sessions or in mini-course format.

YOGA THERAPY uses the tools of yoga to achieve specific outcomes according to the needs of each individual. Yoga Therapy is fast becoming an accepted health modality in Australia, offering all people, including those experiencing a wide range of ailments or disabilities, guidance and personal tools they can use to enhance their wellbeing.

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