10th February-13th May 2022

If you want to deepen your practice by immersing yourself into the ancient yet highly-relevant teachings of Yoga and/or aim to teach Yoga, then this course is for you. It may not be easy to complete all course requirements – the main one is to be present – but it may just be one of the most fulfilling, rewarding and transformative experiences of your life.


WHEN: 10th February-13th May 2022

MISSION STATEMENT: To equip the Holistic Yoga Teacher with the skills to share the authentic teachings of Yoga within a modern context.


  • $4500 (including all books, TT manuals and additional course materials) full payment made by 2nd February 2022 OR
  • $3900 Early Bird price, if full payment made by 10th January 2022

*$1000 deposit needed to secure your place (this will be deducted from the final $4500 payment/$3900 Early Bird offer; whichever option you choose).



Thur 10th ZOOM evening + Sat 12th IN STUDIO full day + Sun 13th IN STUDIO full day

Thur 17th ZOOM evening + Sun 20th IN STUDIO full day

Thur 24th ZOOM evening + Sun 27th IN STUDIO full day


Thur 3rd ZOOM evening + Sun 6th IN STUDIO full day

Thur 10th ZOOM evening + Sat 12th IN STUDIO full day + Sun 13th IN STUDIO full day

Thur 17th ZOOM evening + Sun 20th IN STUDIO full day

Thur 24th ZOOM evening + Sunday 27th IN STUDIO full day


Thur 31st (March) ZOOM evening + Sat 2nd IN STUDIO full day + Sun 3rd IN STUDIO full day

Thur 7th ZOOM evening + Sun 10th IN STUDIO full day

Thur 21st ZOOM evening + Sun 24th IN STUDIO full day

Thur 28th ZOOM evening + Sun 1st (May) IN STUDIO full day


Thur 5th ZOOM evening + Sat 6th IN STUDIO full day + Sun 7th IN STUDIO full day

Fri 13th IN STUDIO evening GRADUATION 


Lead Teacher/Facilitator: Keith Kempis, Director BIJA Yoga, Advanced Certified and 800hr Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Certified Samadhi Yoga Teacher, 1500 ERYT Yoga Alliance-accredited.

Guest Teacher/AYURVEDA, SUBTLE ANATOMY, PREGNANCY YOGA: Katie Rose, founder of Bhakti Rose, Samadhi Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga Sydney, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda consultant, doula and author.

Guest Teacher/YOGA ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOMECHANICS: Russ Young, co-founder of Younga Yoga, exercise physiologist and veteran yoga teacher, Lecturer of Anatomy at University of Wollongong.

Guest Teacher/TRAUMA-INFORMED YOGA: Deb Shaw, Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Certified Yoga-Teacher in the Tradition of Acharya Upendra Roy,  5-year Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher with Yoga Impact Charity, BIJA Yoga teacher and graduate of BIJA Yoga Teacher-Apprentice Program.

Guest Teacher/MINDFULNESS, THE MINDFUL YOGA TEACHER: Nathan Sutter, high-school teacher/yoga teacher, ordained monk at Plum Village with Thich Nhat Hanh.

Guest Teacher: Mel Rossina, 800hr Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Teaching Faculty Sukha Mukha Yoga Teacher-Training, YIN Yoga Teacher.

Guest Teacher/YOGA OF STORY-TELLING: Ian Zammit, founder of Emu Heights Theatre Company, Co-ordinator of Theatre Programs/Studio Q Acting Courses at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre.

Guest Teacher: Kirsten Lee, lecturer of Ethical Fashion, UTS, activist, social justice advocate and certified yoga teacher.

Guest Teacher: Danielle Begg, founder of The Yoga Impact Charity, Lead Teacher and Facilitator of The Yoga Impact Charity’s comprehensive 200hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher-Training Program.


If your established yoga practice (at home or in a studio) has you wanting to dive MUCH deeper into this rich, ancient and yet relevant practice with a view to share these teachings with others then YES.

TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST or TO FIND OUT MORE: Please email keith@bijayoga.com.au

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