When Carmen Ceniza first opened Lila Yoga Studio, there were no yoga studios in Penrith. The original intention was to create a space for a community of people who were hungry for –  or curious about – this ancient holistic practice for human and planetary potential. The space was created and the community manifested. And WHAT a community!

Fast forward ten years and yoga is absolutely everywhere,  both in the physical and online realms. From the pages of glossy magazines touting expensive yoga-related products to countless Instagram accounts featuring young and lithe yoginis contorted into seemingly impossible shapes set against exotic destinations. ‘Yoga’ is in our faces and yet … how much yoga – UNION – are we actually experiencing?

The popularity of yoga, I believe, is a direct reflection of our need for yoga. Now more than ever are these practices relevant and useful. But only if we integrate them so that our spiritual lives and our family/career/creative lives are as one.

It is with this hope that I decided to take on the space formerly known as Lila Yoga Studio and help bring it into its next incarnation. The space has such ‘good bones’ imbued with the faith and energy of its founder as well as the community who have come to call it home.

The updated space has new floorboards and a very minimalist look and palette. I want you to think of it as your canvas for creating the most authentic life and in doing so, uplift the lives of those around you.

We offer yoga classes in a flowing style reflective of our teachers, as well as restorative, yin yoga and beginner/basics courses. As a compliment to these more traditional classes, we also offer regular workshops focused on lifestyle and creative living such as meditation, healthy cooking, vision boarding and art and craft classes.

BIJA literally means ‘seed’. We know that from the smallest seeds (seeds of intentions, words, actions) the strongest, most magnificent trees can grow; representing the infinite potential that exists in each and every one of us.

– Keith Kempis, director BIJA YOGA



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