‘Yoga changed my life’.

Loren was introduced to yoga by her friend Kim and after her very first class, she could not believe the strength she felt in her body and the ease she felt in her mind. In other words, Loren felt she could take on anything.

Loren’s practice gave her the clarity she needed to realise that working a very stressful job with long hours was not what life should be like. Daily practice improved Loren’s confidence and self esteem and ultimately gave her the courage to change the course of her life: Loren left the job she hated and instead, chose the path of happiness.

She decided to become a yoga teacher.

Loren completed her Yoga Teacher Training at BodyMindLife in Surry Hills in 2013 and started teaching classes the following year. In 2015 Loren completed Yin Yoga Teacher Training at The Yin Space with the wonderful Mel McLaughlin. This training  helped to balance out both her teaching and personal practice.

Loren affirms that her Yin practice is a reminder that softness is just important to the body and mind as strength; and to live a balanced life one cannot exist without the other.

Yoga enables Loren to lead a very full and fulfilling life: working full time, dog-mum to 3 Alaskan Malamutes, wife, yoga teacher, online shopper extraordinaire.

‘Yoga brings such balance to my life that I cannot imagine my world without it. I love to share my practice with others through fun and challenging classes, focusing on alignment and body awareness. And a few laughs and giggles as well. I hope to see you in class.’

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