SATURDAY 23 JANUARY 2021 | 10-1145AM or 4-545PM | $45/$54

Join BIJA Yoga Teachers Keith and Deb for a nourishing SUMMER YIN Yoga restshop. Punters have a choice of times.

Join BIJA Yoga Teachers Keith Kempis and Deb Shaw for a nourishing, relaxing and rejuvenating SUMMER YIN Yoga Restshop, with the added treat of live music. Punters – you can choose between Saturday 10am or 4pm – or take both!

In TCM (and therefore YIN Yoga) summer is seen as the season of abundance, when things come into maturity and life is in full bloom. The emotion associated with this time of year is JOY, and joy is the will of life. Fire is the element associated with the summer, relating to the sun, light, warmth and heat. Fire ignites all of life. We’ll be working with the Heart and Small Intestine organ/meridian pair in this 1h45m workshop. Or should we say restshop!

BOOK NOW 10am class or 4pm class.

We’ll be supported to tap into our deep inner spaciousness, to encourage us to dare to dream our unlimited potential into being.

In keeping with our tiny tradition of sharing Nada Yoga – the yoga of sound vibration – participants will be treated to the beautiful sounds of BIJA Director Keith Kempis providing the soundtrack for the class (including live piano!). All welcome! As YIN Yoga is a cool practice we suggest you dress comfortably.


  • $45 BIJA Members
  • $54 non-Member


YIN Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga that uses seated and supine asana (postures) held for longer periods of time, and often supported by props. The longer holds serve to strengthen the fascia, ligaments and tendons (connective tissue) of the body. It is a non-depleting practice that can be very reflective and relaxing, providing a nourishing and restful container from which to begin developing a meditation practice. YIN is a perfect antidote for modern day busy-ness!

Some of the benefits said to come from a regular YIN practice are:

  • improved range of motion
  • improved flexibility
  • decreased stress in body and mind
  • lengthened muscles
  • hydrated tissues and muscles
  • lubricated joints
  • reduced tissue degeneration
  • realigned curvature of the spine
  • increased mobility of joints
  • reduced osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • prevention of joint fusion
  • increased GABA levels (help’s the body respond to stress)
  • calmer nervous system
  • a very grounding and centreing practice
  • increased energy levels.
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