FRIDAY 15 JULY 2022 7:30-9:30PM or SATURDAY 16 JULY 2022 10AM-12NOON | $63/$44

Join BIJA Yoga Teachers Keith and Deb for a nourishing HEART OF WINTER YIN Yoga experience. Punters have a choice of times.

Please join us for a very special event.

Long-time yoga teacher, Deb Shaw will teach a deeply-therapeutic Winter-themed YIN Yoga class suitable for all levels of experience (including none at all) accompanied on the piano and voice by Keith Kempis, musician, music teacher and BIJA Yoga Director.

Not to be missed.

INVESTMENT $63 Non-members/$45 BIJA members

  • Friday 15th July 730pm-930pm OR
  • Saturday 16th July 10am-12pm



YIN Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga that uses seated and supine asana (postures) held for longer periods of time, and often supported by props. The longer holds serve to strengthen the fascia, ligaments and tendons (connective tissue) of the body.

YIN Yoga is a non-depleting practice that can be very reflective and relaxing, providing a nourishing and restful container from which to begin developing a meditation practice. YIN is a perfect antidote for modern day busy-ness!

Some of the benefits said to come from a regular YIN practice are:

  • improved range of motion
  • improved flexibility
  • decreased stress in body and mind
  • lengthened muscles
  • hydrated tissues and muscles
  • lubricated joints
  • reduced tissue degeneration
  • realigned curvature of the spine
  • increased mobility of joints
  • reduced osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • prevention of joint fusion
  • increased GABA levels (help’s the body respond to stress)
  • calmer nervous system
  • a very grounding and centreing practice
  • increased energy levels.

All levels of practitioner welcome and supported.

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