FRIDAY 5-7 MARCH 2021 | $630

Bija Yoga presents ‘What Falls Away: Autumn Retreat @ Vanam Retreat’ 2pm Friday 5-7 March  2021.

How can we practice Self-care when we don’t know who this Self is? Autumn is the season when the truth begins to reveal itself, when things fall away. And 2020 was like a YEAR of Autumn! When we realised we didn’t need to go out all the time; that going IN could yield some amazing rewards. 

Through the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, deep relaxation, mantra and yogic philosophy; realise what it is that you’re still clinging on to and really don’t need… 

The following is the format for now though details may change closer to the date:

Arrive and take your time to settle late Friday afternoon any time from 2pm to sit, read, journal, doodle or simply watch the sun go do down. First evening class is a BIJA Yoga special: a version of BREATHE FOCUS RELAX (minimal asana, the focus is on Self-reflection through meditation) with an extended guided deep relaxation followed by an incredible vegan dinner which will make you feel both loved and nourished.

Wake up to pre-breakfast (!) before practicing an extended JIVAMUKTI Yoga class on the Kleshas: the Five Hindrances to Understanding the True Nature of the Mind. This class may be physically challenging for some but as always modifications will be taught (it’s always worth the effort for the guided deep relaxation at the end!).

After breakfast there will be free time for a bush walk. After lunch, the afternoon is all yours. 

Evening class is Restorative in nature. Long-held and supported (and mostly supine) asana exploring the chakra system.  And in this time we will explore the weekend’s themes in greater detail, sing a little and meditate together. 

Wake up again to pre-breakfast and then our final class together, a JIVAMUKTI yoga class that explores the notion of Standing in One’s Truth, beginning with vinyasa yoga and ending with held restorative asana and finally deep relaxation and meditation. 

Brunch, followed by free time and ‘slow departure’ by 2pm.  

What you need to bring:

  • Yoga accoutrements 
  • Journal, pen 
  • Swimmers for spa.

What to know:

  • All food will be vegan and utterly incredible; you won’t miss anything 
  • ‘Do’ as little or as much as you’d like 
  • There are up to 10 spots in total (including me!)
  • Vanam usually caters up to 14 but due to COVID, we have much more space. Accomodation is twin share and there’s one Queen room available. 

If you’re joining us, please LET US KNOW. Upon email confirmation from me, you’ll be asked to pay a $180 deposit making full payment (instalments are fine) by Friday 19th February 2021.

About Vanam:

Vanam is an off-grid solar-powered retreat centre made from ethical and reclaimed materials. It is both architecturally-designed and aesthetically-uplifting; focused on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. Our hosts Jeff and Andy created Vanam with a vision to share the broad teachings of yoga in a natural and beautiful setting.

I personally love everything about Vanam and I cannot begin to tell you what it means to me to be sharing the precious teachings of yoga there for one very special weekend this Autumn. 


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