Saturday 23 November 2019 1-5pm
$72 including lunch

Location: U3A (next door to BIJA)

Hosted by Seema Johari Agarwal with assistance from Keith Kempis, this afternoon workshop is dedicated to experiencing Durgha/Kali, the absolute fiercest of incarnations of the ‘divine feminine’, and tapping into our own fearlessness.

Durgha/Kali exists in us all, regardless of gender, and her power can be called upon at any time. It is particularly potent at times in which we are feeling powerless or at times of transformation.

Learn her stories, how to invoke her power through sacred sound, and complete the Durgha Yantra (meditative artwork; and no, you don’t need to consider yourself an ‘artist’!) using pencils, acrylics or art pens.

Delicious Ayurvedic vegan lunch prepared by Anushree will be served at about 2:30pm.

This inclusive workshop is for all needing divine and creative nourishment.


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