Saturday 23 November 2019 1-8:30pm
Location: U3A Hall (next door to BIJA Yoga).

Double down with this powerful workshop created and hosted by Seema Johari Agarwal with assistance from Keith Kempis.

This double workshop begins with an afternoon dedicated to learning about and experiencing Durgha/Kali, the absolute fiercest of incarnations of the ‘divine feminine’, and un-tapping one’s own fearlessness.

After a short break and some delicious vegan food, Seema Johari then brings to life her father Harish Johari’s seminal book on the chakras (energetic wheels) in an interactive workshop which will include philosophy, chanting and meditation (but not asana).

Includes a delicious Ayurvedic vegan lunch prepared by Anushree to be served at about 2:30pm.

These workshops are inclusive and welcoming for all in need of divine and creative nourishment, as well as for yogis wishing to deepen their knowledge of subtle anatomy in order to elevate their daily practice and their lives. Learn more about each workshop or


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