Breathe deeply. Focus the mind. Relax the body. This workshop integrates breath control, seated meditation and guided deep relaxation.
10:00-11:45am Saturday 5 January 2019

Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and BIJA Yoga Director Keith Kempis will lead this innovative and ultimately uplifting workshop.

We begin with a brief discussion on what these three practices actually are and the benefits of integrating all three as part of your daily routine, followed by a short physical warm-up (simple yoga asana) and then detailed guidance in the practices themselves.

No previous experience needed.
Keith has been practicing yoga in its many aspects since adolescence. After many years teaching yoga as a foundation teacher for Jivamukti Yoga Sydney and at LILA Yoga Penrith (BIJA’s original incarnation), as well as travelling throughout Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, India and in New York to study and spread the Jivamukti message (liberation whilst living) in service to Jivamukti founders, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Keith has finally grown roots at BIJA (BIJA actually means ‘seed’).
Keith is passionate about spreading the precious teachings of Yoga to his hometown community in Penrith and Greater Western Sydney at large.
$36 members + bf (booking fee, not “boyfriend” 😉 )
$45 non-members + bf

All proceeds from this workshop will go directly to THE HUNGER PROJECT